Create A Winter Weather Prep Kit

It’s the time of year for icy winter weather. And as your insurance agent, I have to share a few things to get you prepared before the winter storms hit!
First things first, you want to have the right supplies on hand. Create a basic emergency kit that includes a battery powered radio and at least one week’s worth of food and safety supplies. Also include:

Drinking Water

Canned/No-Cook Food
Non-Electric Can Opener
Prescription Medicine As Needed
First Aid Kit
Bag of Cat Litter or Sand to add traction on walkways
Battery Powered Lamps
Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm in working order
And what about when bad weather hits? Here are a few things to put on your winter storm checklist:

• Leave water taps slightly open so they drip to prevent frozen pipes.

• Open kitchen cabinet doors under the sink to keep the pipes warm.
• Have an alternate heat source in case the power goes out. If the fireplace, make sure you have plenty of dry firewood.
The most important thing you can do? Be prepared! A benefit to winter storms is that you generally have plenty of warning that one is on the way. Don’t wait until the roads are icy and dangerous. Get your supplies packed, your pipes protected, and a backup plan in case of a power outage. And make sure that you have great Homeowners Insurance! We can help with that. Call us for a free quote today.