Discounts....Are You Getting Them?

Discounts are the best way to save on your insurance premium each and every month. But a lot of people are missing out on them! With a little documentation, you could see great savings.

Security Discounts - Does your home have a security system or fire protection system? Some of these devices will help you save big on your home or renters insurance. If you have a certificate of installation (and even if you don't), let us know and we'll see if you qualify.

Driver Training & Defensive Driving - Did your child take Driver's Ed? Did you take a Defensive Driving course? These classes will typically qualify for discounts! Just bring in a copy of your completion certificate and we'll get it added to your policy.

Teenage Driver With Good Grades - Good grades will help you save! Some of our policies offer a discount for students who maintain a high GPA. Give us a call to see the requirements for your policy.

Payment Discounts - There are many different options when it comes to paying your premiums. Some policies offer discounts for paying in full or a reduced installment fee if you put the payment on auto-draft. We can advise you of all the payment options so you pay as little as possible.

Multi-Policy Discounts - When you have all of your insurance in one place, you save more! If your auto and home insurance is spread out between multiple companies or agencies, let us help you consolidate. You'll be better protected (with less gaps in coverage) and save money!

The key? Talk to your agent! When we schedule regular annual reviews, we can review your policy discounts and make sure you are receiving the best coverage at the best price. Call today to schedule an appointment.