Do I Need an Exam for Life Insurance?

We all know that we need life insurance if we have people in our lives that depend on our income.  But guess what stops a lot of people from getting started?  The fear of a medical exam.
So today I wanted to give you a little more information about the medical requirements of life insurance so you can make the right choice.
Life Insurance rates are based on several factors including your age, smoking status, and health history.  Younger and healthier pay less than older and not so healthy. 
That’s why medical information is needed in order to start a life policy.  You will answer basic questions on your health and some information may be requested from your doctor.  If you are applying for a larger amount of coverage, you may be required to meet with a nurse from the insurance company.
The nurse will take down additional health information, your vitals (like blood pressure) and take a small blood sample.  This can usually be done from the comfort of your living room or at the office if you prefer.
That’s it!  Less than 20 minutes and you’ll be locking in better life insurance coverage.  You can also ask us about some other options that may not require a medical exam at all, if it’s something you’d prefer not to do.  Have questions?  Contact Sangster Insurance today, (479) 632-8888.