Insurance For Your Boat

It won't be long now before you're back out on the water. Are you counting down the days?

While everyone loves to hit the lake on the boat, there are a few things you need to take care of first.

Are you properly covered?

Since boat insurance isn't required (in most states), a lot of people skip it in order to save money. But that's a very risky idea!

First, without coverage, you're risking all the money you spent on your boat. Would you drive your expensive car without insurance? Probably not!

Second, boats are a liability exposure. That means that they open you up to lawsuits. If you were to have an accident and damage someone's boat or personal property, then you could be held responsible.

With the proper insurance coverage, this wouldn't be a problem. You'd be protected! In fact, we typically recommend that clients with a high level of assets purchase extra liability coverage if they own a boat.

All in all, purchasing boat owners insurance is a simple way to give yourself a lot of peace of mind. Who wants to worry about insurance when they're out on the water? Call us today for a free quote on your boat or watercraft.