September Home Maintenance Tasks

Every month, we share easy tasks you can do to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long. So here are a few simple tasks you can do in September to prepare your home for cool fall weather!
Check Gutters - Take a few minutes to make sure your gutters are clear. With rain and falling leaves, gutters will be working overtime. By making sure they’re clear now, you’ll avoid water damage later on.

lean The Dryer Vent - Lint accumulating in the dryer vent can cause a house fire. A couple of times per year, unplug the dryer and thoroughly vacuum the area around the dryer vent and hose. Remember to check the outside vent too!

Gather Firewood - Will you be burning a wood stove or fireplace this winter? Start gathering up firewood now and save yourself from the task when it’s cold outside.

Get Ready For Autumn - Now is a great time to start planting some fall flowers. Mums make a great addition to your front porch!

Save On Home Insurance - Homeowners Insurance is an important part of protecting your belongings. To make sure you have the best coverage, call us today for a free, no obligation quote