Summer Home Maintenance Tips

As the seasons start to change and we head into summer, it’s time to think about home maintenance again.  Keeping your home and vehicles in great shape makes them last longer, look great, and can prevent accidents and claims in the future.
Here are a few things you can do this summer to keep everything in tip-top shape! 
•        Check all vehicle tires for tread wear and have them rotated.
Prune trees and shrubs that may be rubbing up against the house or the roof.
Have your chimney cleaned!  Proper cleaning prevents chimney fires and it will be all ready for winter use.
Do an energy audit of your home.  Check where air may be escaping around windows and doors and seal it up.  It will help save on your utilities in summer and winter!  You could also consider hiring a company to do a full energy audit of your home and look for more cost-saving measures.
Use a long, flexible brush to remove all of the excess lint from your dryer exhaust vent. Dryer lint buildup is one of the leading causes of home fires!  
Clean the outdoor grill.  Make sure to clean off old residue and keep it in great shape for your summer barbecues. 
Do a thorough cleaning of all kitchen appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc).  Don’t forget those refrigerator coils!  Keeping them clean keeps the fridge operating at the correct temperature and will make it last longer.
Drain or flush your water heater (or schedule to have it serviced) as needed.
Clean all of the drains in the household and make sure they are flowing well.  Use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to flush out minor clogs. 
Get great insurance coverage!  Let us review your policies and check for any missing discounts.  Call us for a quote!
Regular maintenance of your home (and vehicles) helps prevent BIG issues later!  What other items do you like to take care of in the summer?  Leave a comment and let us know.