What Causes Rate Increases

Worried about your insurance rates going up?  Here are some things you can do to prevent a rate increase! 
There are a lot of factors that go into determining your insurance rate.  And at times, your rate may go up (or down!)  Let’s look at what can cause changes:
You bought something new.  If you purchase a new vehicle, there is a good chance your insurance rates will change somewhat.  If the vehicle is newer, more expensive, or if you have a lienholder and require full coverage, your rate may increase.
Why do some vehicles cost more than others?  Simply because some cost more to fix!  All of these things play into the rate on that particular car.
You changed your household.  Any household changes may change your rate.  Getting married might lower your rate, but adding a teenage driver will probably increase it!  Rates are determined by the age and driving history of each person in the household.  That doesn’t mean you’ll see huge swings in price, but just keep it in mind when making changes.
You moved.  Rates are also calculated based on the zip code where you drive the most.  If you move from a high traffic city to a much less populated rural area, your rate will go down (and vice versa). 
You got a ticket.  Unfortunately, getting a ticket can raise your rates.  It shows that you’re at a higher risk of having an accident and causing a claim.  Keeping your driving history clean will save you money! 
You lost a discount.  Most policies have several discounts included and if those discounts expire, your rate may increase.  If you’re receiving a discount for being accident free for several years and then have an accident, the loss of the discount will increase your rate. 
Maybe you were receiving a discount for having your policy on monthly draft and then decided to just send in a check.  You might see a slight increase here too. 
The best way to keep your rate low?  Work with us!  At Sangster Insurance, we’ll review your coverage, discuss your discounts, look at potential risks for rate increases, and help keep you protected.  Call us at (479)632-8888 today for a quote! Or come see us at 1035 Highway 71 North in Alma, Arkansas.